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The FAX ENGINEER Introduces Remote Network Support ( RNS )

The Program

This Remote Network Support (RNS) is a program that allows our support Engineers to access your Network via a remote connection to administer, troubleshoot and configure your mission critical resources including Novell Netware and Microsoft NT platforms . Network Certified Engineers of The FAX ENGINEER will provide support and help remotely to manage your servers and desktop.

Our Network Administrators management platform with Secure remote control support increase your helpdesk productivity and remotely manage and support networks, servers, and end-users , all through a single consistent interface to your Workstation.

RNS can provide you with high availability through preventive corrective action performed in a timely manner. Monitoring key server performance statistics will allow our support team to avoid potential server related problems that could affect the operation of your network.


Novell Netware NDS Authentication and Novell 5.x LDAP compatible Windows authentication and privileges for securing remote control sessions. Windows NT platforms using domain authentication can be used to verify guests, and Windows NT security can be used to assign privileges on the host.

Benefits to The Customer

RNS enables us to ensure that our customer's servers are operating at peak efficiency . Reduce your time consumable , and down time and reduce your Business cost, and increase your Business productivity and efficiency ,We can act very fast on the information we receive , through your e-mail or phone to our Tech. Support or The FAX ENGINEER will notify customers by phone and e-mail for critical alerts such as components that have failed or are about to fail. By e-mail for warnings such as a tape drive that needs to be cleaned or servers running low on disk space. or our recommendations for updates and upgrades.


Administrative RNS costs per year :
Up to 5 Work Stations cost for Each PC user (Work Station)
$ 650.00
Up to 20 Work Station cost for Each PC user (Work Station ) $ 550.00
20 Work Stations Up , cost for Each PC user ( work Station) $ 450.00
Modem and Remote access Software and Installation is not included.


Which networks are compatible with RNS?
RNS is supported by Novell 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and MS NT 4.0 and Windows 2000

Do we need to install anything on our servers?
The FAX ENGINEER will install an RNS modem and remote access software on a workstation , and Simple Network Management Protocol ( SNMP ) if required. Installation and configure the required software for you at an additional cost. Note: Server may need to be restarted which will interrupt user access.

Does RNS compromise my server or network security?
Complete authentication for Novell and NT provides secure access . The FAX ENGINEER Network Administrator will work with customers to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to ensure security over the internet, this includes the proper configuration of Firewalls.

Will RNS slow down my network?
This solution will not affect network performance at all, RNS will have minimal impact on your network therefore amount of server traffic used by alerts is negligible and we can control how often your server is polled for its status , beside of maintenance being performed on the network.

Does RNS work after hours?
Responses to alerts will be processed during regular business hours. Special arrangements can be made, at an additional cost, for customers requesting after hours maintenance.

Contact Us for more details.

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