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We offer a wide variety of networking services, providing you with the most complete network solution to meet your needs. We offer network design, installation and troubleshooting, support for Novell and NT/2000 networks, software installation and upgrades, Data Recovery, PC and peripheral maintenance and repair.

System Design

System Design is important when your company is planning to implement an information technology solution. All aspects of your immediate and future growth requirements must be carefully examined and the correct platform for your business needs chosen.

At The FAX ENGINEER , we help you choose the right equipment for your present application specific demands, also assist you in planning for your continued success and your needs.

We offer industry renowned networking equipment including
· Novell · Cisco · Dlink · Intel · Compaq · HP

System Repairs, Upgrades and Overhauls

Our certified network technicians at The FAX ENGINEER have the Authorization and the experience to maintain your computer equipment. We can troubleshoot and replace faulty components on-site to keep your operation productive. If your requirements demand it, we can upgrade your system to meet your needs.

Software Installation and Troubleshooting

Do you have enough time to learn how to install, setup and troubleshoot all of your off-the-shelf and custom application software programs? The FAX ENGINEER offers support during software rollouts and post-installation, whether in a Network environment or on desktop PC. Our certified engineers are ready to assist you when you are facing deadlines and need to resolve a software issue promptly.

Disaster Recovery

One of the most critical parts of your network is your backup. In case of a disaster you should have a plan and procedure for saving and restoring all your Mission Critical data with minimal down time. The FAX ENGINEER will work with you to ensure that this vital part of your network operation is in-place and functioning.


In today's day and age of constantly evolving technology, Security over your network is a critical part of its stability. The FAX ENGINEER can design and implement a security solution that will protect your network from any unauthorized intruders. If you plan on connecting your network to the Internet and need to protect valuable information then a firewall is imperative to help prevent unauthorized access to your Network system. The FAX ENGINEER can also audit your LAN security and advise you of internal risks and put into place a plan for resolving these issues.

Remote Network Support (RNS)

This Remote Network Support (RNS) is a program that allows our support Engineers to access your Network via a remote connection to administer, troubleshoot and configure your mission critical resources including Novell Netware and Microsoft NT platforms . Network Certified Engineers of The FAX ENGINEER will provide support and help remotely to manage your servers and desktop.

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