We are Exporter of Canon Copiers around the world.  We are Copier Wholesaler and Exporter Container of Canon Copiers. Call 1- 416-562-4329  ask for Mr.Soroush (Sam) and Order Container of Used Canon Copiers xachines Copiers Refurbished Canon Copiers, Office Products Lexmark Brother Panasonic Novell networking computers repairs service centre center

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 Authorized Factory Warranty Service Center “We’re MORE than just Fax Machines!”    


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Digital Copier Solutions is division of The Fax Engineer, we are Authorized Factory Service Centre for Brother Products in Canada. We are also Service and Repair Center for Digital Canon Copiers ,  Computer, Fax Machines, Networking Printer   

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 Location,  The Fax Engineer Company has been working with Copiers since 1991 in GTA  Toronto, Ontario  Canada


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